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Cover of 'Azerbaijan and Aran'

New Book: ‘Azerbaijan and Aran (Caucasian Albania)’

‘Azerbaijan and Aran (Caucasian Albania)’ A study by Enayatollah Reza Edited with an annotated translation by Ara Ghazarians Release date: June 25, 2014 176 pp; 14 color maps $25; ISBN 9781908755186 “Today few are aware that this part of the Turkish-speaking Caucasus in the past had a name [more...]

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Armenian Church in Palu (photo by Nanore Barsoumian)

Two Poems by Avik Derentz

 By Avik Derentz Translated by Tatul Sonentz   This White Slaughter This white slaughter Saps my soul With an alien venom of black sorcery, As it strives to defile My very blood With the dark doubts of a renegade…   I fight each day This murky darkness, Despoiling half the night in [more...]

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Cover of "…And Then I Met The Getty Kouros"

New Book: ‘And Then I Met the Getty Kouros’

New memoir presents an Armenian-Iranian-American engineer’s odysseyfrom the streets of Tehran to the hills of Malibu LOS ANGELES– …And Then I Met The Getty Kouros is a memoir that chronicles the remarkable story of Jack Njdeh Yaghoubian, who has made a huge impact on the world of [more...]

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Rouben Sevak (1885-1915)

Rouben Sevak: The Harlot

By Rouben Sevak  Translated by Tatul Sonentz   It was way past midnight, a muggy night of showers, Under the wet lantern light you stood there forlorn, The water sang on the sidewalk, cars ran at random; You waited there, lingering on that bit of plot of yours. A strained smile sobbed deep [more...]

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How Long Shall We Be Silent?

Himi el Lrenk (How Long Shall We Be Silent?) By Raphael Patkanian (1830-1892) A famous patriotic song, translated by Diana Der-Hovanessian How long shall we be silent? How long shall we be mute? The enemy surrounds us, our land and goods his loot. How long shall we just acquiesce silently to [more...]

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Mary in Tacoma Park, Md., (June of 1946)

A Daughter’s Letter to Her Long Lost Mother

Special for the Armenian Weekly Questions always worked their way to the surface, and after 38 long years, I was finally getting some answers. I, as an adopted person, could now begin to fill in the blanks. The following is a short expose of my journey, my innermost thoughts and [more...]

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Between 1946 and 1947, 100,000 Armenians left their homes in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East to settle in Soviet Armenia. (Photo taken at an Alexandria port in 1947, courtesy of AGBU Alexandria)

The Child of a Refugee

By Siran Seza The following story was written by Siran Seza in April 1946. Seza was the penname of Siranoush Zarifian, a Lebanese-Armenian writer born in Constantinople in 1903. She is best known for founding the Beirut-based feminist journal The Young Armenian Woman (Երիտասարդ [more...]

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abu lala mahari cover

Abu-Lala Mahari

By Avediq Isahakian Translated by Tatul Sonentz   Qasid Abu Lala Mahari, The renowned poet of Baghdad, Lived for decades in the splendid city of the Caliphs, Enjoying a life of luxury and delight. He sat at banquets with affluent and powerful people, Debating both the learned and the wise, He [more...]

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Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands will be released on July 8, 2014.

Emily in a Nuclear World: The Story of a Girl’s Search for Home

  “It was as if a chirping brook Upon a toilsome way, Set bleeding feet to minuets Without the knowing why” —Emily Dickinson   Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands By Chris Bohjalian Doubleday (July 8, 2014) 288 pages, $25.95 Colossal disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes destroy in an instant [more...]

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