The Society for Armenian Studies recently announced the publication of Volume 22 (2013) of the Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies (JSAS).

Society for Armenian Studies to Hold 40th Anniversary Workshop in Yerevan

From Oct. 2-5, the Society for Armenian Studies (SAS), founded in 1974, will hold a workshop marking the 40th anniversary of its founding. With the participation of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, the workshop will bring together 20 scholars from abroad and 20 from Armenia to present a [more...]

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Dr. Al Phillips in consultation with a patient in Vanadzor

AMAA Completes 6th Medical Mission Trip to Armenia

For the 6th year in a row, Dr. Al and Sue Phillips led a group of medical professionals and volunteers on a 10-day medical mission trip to Armenia. This year, the group was quite large with 40 volunteers and 6 Armenian translators; the team included 3 physicians, 1 physician assistant, 4 nurses, 1 [more...]

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Local band ‘1243K’ performs on the second day of River Fest. The band’s name is shorthand for the wages of many working-class Armenians (12 hours for 3,000 dram).

River Fest 2014: Turning the Volume Up on Armenia’s Urban Music

Special for the Armenian Weekly The second half of the 20th century witnessed Armenia flourish as the underbelly of rock and roll in the Soviet Union, a status that reached its peak when the Armenian Ministry of Culture in 1981 hosted a weeklong rock music festival in Yerevan that came to be known [more...]

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When we arrived, Hovig and Vrej automatically got into tour-guide mode and hoped that we didn’t mind having muddy shoes as it had been raining all day.

Syrian Olives in Artsakh

Special for the Armenian Weekly As small and accessible as Armenia may be, I tend to hear about so many interesting and unique projects that it can actually feel strangely overwhelming at times. Whether it’s a woman who makes soaps for different skin conditions with local herbs grown in her own [more...]

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Changing the Face of Philanthropy in Armenia

In Armenia, philanthropy is an area of society familiar to all, but deeply misunderstood by many. Spurred by “the growing cynicism around donating to charitable causes in Armenia,” Patrick Sarkissian, philanthropist and CEO of the innovative, New York-based design studio Sarkissian Mason, asked [more...]

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Dr. Eduard Gevorgyan, representative of the Association of Physicians of the “Union of Armenians in Russia”

4th International Medical Congress of Armenia to Be Held July 2-4, 2015

The 4th International Medical Congress of Armenia (IMCA) will take place from July 2-4, 2015, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of Armenia and the Armenian Medical International Committee (AMIC), and will address some of the most vital issues facing health care today. We talked about the [more...]

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Photo by Tom Vartabedian

One Day in the Life of Armenia

YEREVAN—The task remained a daunting one. How do you arrange 2,000 photographs of your trip to Armenia into an album with 200 slots? The challenge would be easy if you had bought 10 albums. But then, who would sit long enough to enjoy your portfolio without getting bored? Just fitting them into [more...]

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Lexee Andonian carefully crosses a bridge near Shushi. Brush in hand, she's ready to paint the next blue marking.

Hiking the Janapar Trail in Karabagh

“You’re Armenian?” “Yup, we’re all Armenian!” “Why didn’t you say so?! What would you like? More food, coffee, tea? You’re leaving tomorrow? Why don’t you stay…” The “Armenian connection” conversation. It was a daily occurrence. Sometimes we even had it three or four [more...]

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