A boy holds a poster that reads, "No to the Turkish preconditions," during a demonstration organized by the ARF in Yerevan, in Jan. 2010. (Photo: Inna Mekhitarian-Hairenik/Armenian Weekly)

All Quiet on the Western Front?

Another look at the Armeno-Turkish protocols, and where we stand today The Armenian Weekly March 2014 Magazine: Armenia’s Foreign Policy in Focus IT SEEMS LIKE YESTERDAY when Armenians worldwide loudly condemned the protocols signed by Armenia and Turkey, which ostensibly sought to normalize [more...]

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Letter: Remembering Unger Sarkis Zeitlian

Dear Editor, On March 28, 1985 in the midst of the Lebanese civil war, unger Sarkis Zeitlian was abducted in Beirut, Lebanon, and disappeared from the face of the earth. His body was never found, and his abductors were neither identified not prosecuted. This was and still is very disheartening as [more...]

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Antranik Monument Park in Yerevan is flourishing with trees after being barren a decade ago, thanks to the efforts of ATP, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary of enrichment. (Photo by Tom Vartabedian)

Reflections on ‘Depat’ Armenians

Special for The Armenian Weekly I am a member of the Facebook group that the Repat Armenia Foundation maintains. I am, in fact, a fan of that organization, which provides assistance to Armenians who wish to move to the Homeland, whether in terms of technical or legal information, employment, or [more...]

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A scene from the funeral of slain Armenian soldier Gurgen Margaryan (Photo: Photolur)

Serge Sarkisian’s Catalogue of Failures: A Brief Foreign Policy Survey

The Armenian Weekly March 2014 Magazine: Armenia’s Foreign Policy in Focus Writing after the first year of Serge Sarkisian’s presidency, I half-jokingly suggested that Armenia’s leader may have come under the influence of Buddhist “third way” philosophy, trying to find a balanced [more...]

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Sevag Tachejian

Far Cry

BOOM! It is that sound again. That deafening and atrocious sound. Death is not far away, collecting the souls that are rightfully his. Every night, this characteristic sound never fails to wake me up in tremor. I hear the engine’s whirl. The angel of darkness passes over us. My mother is there, [more...]

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Arto bio pic

Let Me Off Here, Thanks

“Well I know this…and anybody who has tried to live knows this… What you say about somebody else, anybody else, reveals you. What I think of you as being is dictated by my own necessities, my own psychology, my own fears and desires. I’m not describing you when I talk about you… I’m [more...]

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The Benefits and Challenges of Genocide Education

Special for the Armenian Weekly Genocide education remains a strong medium for showing students the importance of safeguarding and understanding not just their individual human rights but those that we share universally. According to research conducted by genocide scholar Samuel Totten, teachers [more...]

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Armenia: Revolution, Illusion, and Hope

“On March 1, we will hang them by their feet and chop off their heads” said Ashot, a taxi driver in Armenia. “They are sucking the life out of this nation through their corrupt and oligarchic practices.” In the three years since my cab ride with Ashot, the Republic of Armenia has held [more...]

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A stained glass window in a Coptic Church in Cairo (Photo by Nanore Barsoumian)

Baptism Records ‘Renewed our Life’

The Armenian Weekly has published the baptism records of Sourp Krikor Lusavorich Church in Gesaria (Kayseri) 1914-1914 in full on its website. To access the records, click here. Below is a letter we received from a reader who learned details of her family history through these records. Dear [more...]

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