Cover of Australia’s Treasurer Joe Hockey’s authorized biography

The Hidden Truth in Hockey’s Book

Australia’s Treasurer Joe Hockey’s authorized biography has attracted much interest, including a peak into Cabinet relationships, the budget, and future leadership contenders. Yet there is one issue that has snuck firmly under the radar, and goes to Australia’s moral fabric: the denial of the [more...]

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One Criterion: Being Armenian

Armenians around the world are preparing to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The official day of commemoration is April 24, 2015 as April 24, 1915 was the Kristallnacht of the Armenian Genocide. It was the evening that the Turkish Ottoman Government arrested 250 Armenian [more...]

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Twitter Has Moral Responsibility to #StopAliyev

Twitter—the social network that allows 140-character posts from anyone, anywhere, about anything—rose to public policy prominence by “helping” organize the Arab Spring revolution and spread truths about minorities suffering awful mistreatments across several continents. This [more...]

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(L-R) Irene Vasquez, director, Chicano Hispanic Mexicano Studies Program at the University of New Mexico; Kaolin, feminist activist; Elizabeth Shuler, secretary-treasurer, AFL-CIO; Santita Jackson, radio host and network television commentator; and acclaimed singer LaDonna Harris, president, Americans for Indian Opportunity

An Appeal for Armenian Involvement in NOW, ‘Women in Black’

Twice I have participated in women’s conferences, and both times I realized that I was the only Armenian there. More than 400 women recently participated in the conference organized by the National Organization for Women (NOW) from July 27 -29. Seven years earlier, I had gone to Valencia, [more...]

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They made me realize that the ARF, the ANCA, and Armenian society at large (in the diaspora and in Armenia) needs every single last Armenian—and supporter—to advance our cause. (Photo by Aaron Spagnolo)

‘Brand Armenia’: Promoting Armenia’s Image in the 21st Century

By Vasken Kalayjian The Republic of Armenia, and by extension its worldwide diaspora, is at an exciting crossroads. What road it will take in the coming critical years depends largely on Armenia’s ability to grow its economy. Tourism and foreign investment are important factors in reaching this [more...]

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Haidostian: Our Times of Silence

Just as there are years of plenty, and years of famine, there are also times of speech, and times of silence. We are now in the testing time of silence! Whether one is a regular citizen, a religious leader, a political analyst, or an elected official, one has to come to terms with the fact that in [more...]

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Galya (Photo by Nanore Barsoumian)

Baydzar and Galya: Legacies of Defiance from Diyarbakir to Stepanakert

Special for the Armenian Weekly Baydzar (Photo by Nanore Barsoumian) Two remarkable women passed away in June—one in Diyarbakir, the other in Karabagh. One symbolized resilience in the face of continued anti-Armenian policies of Ankara, the other defiance against the policies of Baku. Baydzar [more...]

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After being systematically brainwashed by the state with ever-changing official versions of history, people in Turkey have now finally started to learn the true historic facts, reasons, and consequences of 1915, not just the Turkish version versus Armenian version.

In the Shadow of 1915: Reflections on Hrant’s Assassination

The Armenian Weekly April 2014 Magazine Seven years have passed since Hrant Dink’s assassination and those who planned his murder remain free. While the search for justice continues with a second round of trials, there seems to be insufficient political will to uncover the truth. With these new [more...]

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Letter: Money vs. Votes

Dear Editor: Please permit me to use your pages to inform your readers of a very important matter. The Republican-controlled legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania voted into law a Genocide Education measure that specifically ignores the Armenian Genocide. The law, sadly, goes into effect [more...]

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Bedrosyan: The Genocide of the Pontic Greeks

The annihilation of the non-Turk/non-Muslim peoples from Anatolia started on April 24, 1915, with the arrest of 250 Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul. Within a few months, 1.5 million Armenians had been wiped out from their historic homeland of 4,000 years in what is now eastern Turkey, as well as [more...]

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