Dreams of Kessab

Special for The Armenian Weekly In 1979, renowned Armenian author Antranig Dzarougian penned a follow-up to his famed memoir Mangutiun Chunetsogh Martig (Men without a Childhood), entitled Yerazayin Halebuh (Ethereal Aleppo), in which he reminisced about his beloved Aleppo. Unlike Dzarougian’s [more...]

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Nancy Kricorian during her presentation

Impressions of the 2014 ARS Youth Connect Program

By Anna-Marie Danayan This year’s ARS Youth Connect Program was full of excitement. The program’s director Khatchig Mouradian and Silva Bedian welcomed us with opening remarks. The day consisted of various panel discussions, heartwarming stories, and educational advice. The first part of the [more...]

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The afternoon panel (Photo by Knar Bedian)

Translating Words into Action

I was thoroughly impressed with the ARS Youth Connect Program this year. The topics discussed were the challenges facing Armenia and issues of identity. Already this appealed to me—a young diasporan who wants to contribute to the viability of her culture. Perhaps equally important was the [more...]

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Nancy Kricorian during her presentation

Bridging Armenian Identities

Being born and raised in Armenia, I never had to put extra effort into being attached to my identity. A life-changing decision brought me to the U.S. a year ago. I have since decided to be on the lookout for opportunities to get engaged in community life here, and understand what it means to be an [more...]

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ARS Youth Connect 2014 Inspires Youth Thirsty for Involvement

During the first weekend of March, I participated in the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Youth Connect Program for the first time. I knew the dense city of New York had a lot to offer to any adventure-seeking 20-something, but instead I found myself fully immersed in conversation with fellow [more...]

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The 2014 Providence AYF Junior and Senior Chapter

Providence AYF ‘Varantian’ Ball Another Huge Success

On Sat., Jan. 25, more than 300 community members and supporters of the Providence “Varantian” AYF Chapter came together at the Venus de Milo Restaurant to celebrate another successful year and to dance to the sounds of the three-piece band “Yerakouyn,” which includes hometown keyboardist [more...]

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AYF Issues Call to Action

Beginning in 2011, with the 78th annual AYF-YOARF Convention, the AYF Central Executive has put forth a Call to Action every year to inspire ideas and direction, and push its membership to act. The Calls to Action have been related to the “Tebi Javakhk” initiative, Artsakh, boosting the ARF [more...]

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Worcester AYF Hosts 80th Annual Convention

Worcester AYF Hosts 80th Annual Convention

The 80th Annual AYF-YOARF Eastern Region Convention was held from Dec. 26-30, 2013, in Westborough, Mass. About 40 Senior AYF members from the Eastern Region attended to evaluate the current state of the organization, reflect on the past year, and plan for the future. The members’ thoughtfulness [more...]

January 8, 2014 // 1 Comment

Our agenda is determined by the enduring value of our core beliefs.

ARF Engages with Youth During Educational Weekend

By Carnie Armenian STRATFORD, Conn.—Members of the Armenian Youth Federation-Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (AYF-YOARF) Eastern Region had the chance to discuss and pose their questions about the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) and all aspects of the [more...]

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The ARF Youth and Student Organizations Pan-Armenian Conference delegates at the “Aram Manougian” Youth premises, in Yerevan

ARF Youth Conference Concludes in Yerevan

The ARF Youth and Student Organizations’ Pan-Armenian Conference took place on Nov. 8-10, at the political party’s “Aram Manougian” youth premises in Yerevan. The ARF Youth and Student Organizations Pan-Armenian Conference delegates at the “Aram Manougian” Youth premises, in Yerevan [more...]

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